I remember each and every vintage in the vineyards right from when we started to work the land organically. The problems had been hidden behind the conventional farming methods and only started to manifest themselves once we made the change and then they all filed out one after the other.

Year after year, the weak spots stood out in our vineyard to remind us that we were not doing a good job. I get goose bumps when I think about all the grapes I lost along the way, but when I walk through the vineyard and see, smell, touch and taste and listen to the balance which is in the process of being restored, then I forget all the headaches.

This is because balance is learnt by using our six senses.

And while this natural restoration process continues, this search for organic laws, we will continue to make new friends, find new ideas, learn new things good and bad, discover new sounds, paths, passions, smells…and we will become enriched by sensations which we will try to transmit through our wines: Venus and Dido.


Because one day you too will be able to hear the starlings beating their wings, you will smell the grapes of ripe Garnatxa (Grenache), feel the texture of the “sauló” (decomposed granite) particles in our vineyards and if you close your eyes, you will be transported to this corner of Montsant through a glass of our wine.


We are. We are – the ones who live at Venus, the ones who work at Martinet and Mogador, in the Vinya del Vuit in Gratallops Partida Bellvisos. We see the vineyard as being key to sustainability. We are the ones  who imagine our wines, the ones who get passionate about each and every vintage, with each wine we bottle and each bottle we open…

We understand life from a special perspective and we live according to three premises: we should be taking care of our environment and the people who live in it and we must be fair at all times.

We would like to know what you think about our project and our wines. We would like you to ask us more about each and every sensation you experience with our wines…

If you wish, you can contact us at: info@venuslauniversal.com



Venus la Universal took a step forward and it included Roger and Guillem to work into our own vineyards following Sara directives. There are more than 10 hectareas to take care and work under agroecolgy directions.


Venus winery is been small again. Marc and Pep, mainly, and René observing closely all processes, are the ones who makes different wines respecting their own character and their specifications.


It is located in another place not too far away. They are sitting or moving… Montse at numbers, Antònia at logistic and sales assistant; Maria, at social networks; Jordi taking care of the traceability; Roger selling wines all over the world and Gemma communicating the project.

Venus released its first wine thanks to a vine grower who brought old vine grapes to us. From then, we allways bet to establish very close relationships with our collaborators, rewarding their work in a just and worthy way. It allows them to follow the same philosophy and working method without penalize them. We started with just a few vine growers but the family is growing year after year. We are very happy and proud of their work, thanks to them Venus is as it is.